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The story of pizza in America starts in New York City, on the Spring Street in lower Manhattan, 1905 when Gennaro Lombardi, a baker and pizzaiolo from Naples is granted the first license in the United States to sell pizza. New York style pizza is characterized by its wide, think, and foldable slices. The flavor of the crust has been attributed o the minerals in the New York City tap water used to make the dough.

Eddie and Sam’s Pizza imports New York Waters for the sake of authenticity.

We brought the authentic New York Pizza to downtown Tampa
Quotes from St. Petersburg times:
"It's the water.
That's how people who visit Eddie & Sam's N.Y. Pizza in downtown Tampa explain the delicious and fulfilling slices and pies and other italian concoctions that come from the pint sized kitchen of the shop which opened at 203 E. Twiggs St. in 1998..."
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Quotes from
"To some, great pizza is all about the oven — the bricks, the wood, the coal, whatever. To others it's the yeast, the sauce, the cheese, the toppings.
But to Mike Sarmat, it's the water.
You can't make New York City pizza without New York City water, he says. And that's what Eddie & Sam's is all about: "We don't want to sell New York style, we want to sell authentic New York pizza in Tampa..."
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